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About Us - Our Story



Integrity and honesty drives our interactions with customers, suppliers, partners, employees -- with everyone.




Quality in everything we do and the way we do things helps us create value to consumers. And quality in our products underscores our commitment to giving consumers value for their money.




We strive to innovate products by either bringing new products to market to fulfill consumer needs, or to improve existing products to make them better. We aim to pioneer new models in e-Commerce.




Be nice and respectful to everybody... that is a good motto.




VistosOhana was inspired by the colorful Sonoran Desert and the colorful islands of Maui & Oahu. We respect the environment and strive for sustainability in our products.




Many cultures place family at the top of their values list. "Ohana" is the Hawaiian word for the importance of family, and our company is built on family values.




Functionality is just plain common sense. Our products strive for simplicity, which is another form of elegance. Our products are fit for purpose, which ensures they do the job they were designed to do.




We create value for consumers with our innovation, functionality, and quality. Actually, "We Create Value With Values."




Life is short... so have fun in everything you do and with everyone you share time with. We plan to have fun working in our company.



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 We are a family-owned and family-managed enterprise

"Delighting consumers with great new products... While adding value with values".

Our Credo

VistosOhana was founded in the colorful Sonoran Desert, where the

multitude of colors in nature provided inspiration for the "Vistoso" component

of our company name, which means colorful.

Our family was lucky to have experienced many get-togethers in Hawaii, which also inspired us with the multitude of beautiful colors found in Maui, Kauai, and Oahu sunsets

and ocean life. The "Ohana" component of our company name symbolizes family and represents the importance of family.

The final touch of inspiration to establish our e-Commerce business came from, Inc. Impressed by Amazon's innovation and success in transforming business models, we could think of no better platform on which to build our company. Given Amazon's immense success with thousands of products consumers can find on Amazon, we think that the "Paradox of Choice" is in dire need of modification. The Paradox of Choice - Why More Is Less (a 2004 book by American psychologist Barry Schwartz) argues that eliminating consumer choices can greatly reduce anxiety for shoppers. VistosOhana argues that the best way to greatly reduce anxiety for shoppers is rather "Delighting consumers with great new products!" and bringing consumers these products with high-quality at a price which makes consumers feel like they got great Value out of their purchase ... and enabling consumers to easily find the products they are looking for on an eCommerce platform like Amazon.

That is our story in a nutshell, now leading to VistosOhana™ bringing great products to:

- Hunting & Shooting enthusiasts

- Discerning Home & Kitchen aficionados

 - Pet and Dog lovers

-Hobbyists, like Woodcarvers

- Health, fitness and healthy lifestyle devotees

      in our product families of VistosoHome™, happyhund™, happykatz™, VistosoHobby™, RangerPad™, and VistosOhana™.

VistosOhana is proud to have Our Credo.

So many other companies have a Vision, a Strategy, and a Mission Statement.

But if you take off the company name, you would think that every company

is using the same... it is like the funny Dilbert cartoon.

The VistosOhana vision, strategy, mission statement, and

values are embodied in Our Credo.


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